How to Delete TikTok Videos Easily

tiktok leave comments web version
tiktok leave comments web version
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TikTok leave comments web version

Creating videos on TikTok is easier than you might think, and you can’t just use them to show yourself dancing to popular music on the social network. You can also include GIFs with sound, have the freedom to organize your favorite videos into collections, and much more.

TikTok offers the options to hide and delete videos to all its users within the app.

However, if they’re not working as they should, or you just don’t want to be seen a certain way anymore, you might want to delete videos from your TikTok account, something you can do without complications.

If this is the case, we are going to explain how you can delete videos from TikTok. Thus, in the event that a video has not been as expected, you can get rid of it in a matter of secondssince the procedure is fast.

The first step is to choose the video you want to delete. Being in the selected content, you will have to click on the three dots icon that is in the lower right corner. Now, go to the far right of the list of options and click on “Delete”. That’s it, the video will be gone forever.

How to make a TikTok video private

– Create private videos: If you don’t want your videos to reach all your contacts, you can make them private. Choose the content you want to make private from your profile section.

Click on the three dots icon in the lower right corner. Scroll through each of the options and tap on “Privacy Settings.” Choose “Who can see this video”. Finally, click on “Only me” to make the video totally private.

You also have at your fingertips the “Friends” option so that you can share the content only with those who follow you.

An important point is that you cannot recover a deleted TikTok video. The only way to recover it is that said video is saved in the internal storage of the mobile.


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