How to delete the content in the chats you use in WhatsApp

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On some occasion you may have the need to empty the content of a WhatsApp messaging application chat. This is something that the company owned by Meta has thought about, since it offers a process with which you can delete the information we are talking about. If you do not know how to achieve it, we will show you step by step. Something that you should keep in mind is that, if you carry out this action, you will lose the history that exists in a conversation, so the texts, multimedia files, even the emojis that have been shared by you and the other person will disappear. interlocutor on the other side (there will be several if it is a group). But, yes, what you will do affects only you, another consideration that you must take into account. Another important thing is that the chat in question will continue to appear in the active list, so it will be easy to enter it again when using WhatsApp. This is how you delete the content of a WhatsApp chat As you are going to check, everything is very simple, and in a matter of a few minutes you will complete the process that is not dangerous for the application we are talking about, much less for the phone you use . These are the steps you have to take to achieve the objective in question (we take the Android operating system as a reference): Open the WhatsApp application as usual and, in the list of chats that you see in the central part (whenever you have it, select the tab of the same name), enter the chosen one and that you want to leave without content. Now, in the upper right area, you will see an icon with three points at the top that you must press and, among the options that appear in the menu, click use to More. The next step is that you will see different possibilities, and among them there is a call Empty chat. It’s the one you have to press. If a confirmation question appears, answer in the affirmative. You’re done, and you can repeat this process as many times as you want, both in individual and group chats. Simpler, impossible. Do the same on the iPhone In the iOS operating system things are a little different: you must enter the chosen chat and then click on the upper section that allows you to enter the information of this place. Now, go down and select the section called Delete chat. Choose Delete all messages and let the WhatsApp application finish the process. You already finished. >

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