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How to delete search and watch history on YouTube

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With more than 2.5 billion users, Youtube It is the most popular video viewing platform in the world. One of its main features is to suggest content based on search and viewing history. However, for some users this can be irritating.

YouTube uses your search data to make suggestions for content similar to what you usually access.

Basically, in order to recommend content to you, YouTube focuses on search and watch history. In order not to allow the platform to continue saving your data -and so that nobody can access it- you can delete or pause both the search history and the playback history. Here you will find how to do it on the mobile and on the computer in a few seconds.

How to delete YouTube history on mobile

– Open the YouTube application on your device and click on your profile image

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– Now go to settings by pressing the gear icon.

– Choose “Manage all history”.

– If you’re logged into multiple accounts, select the one you don’t want to continue remembering search and viewing data.

– Tap the “x” on a video or find the one you want to delete in history.

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– In the drop-down menu choose “Delete all time”, that way all history will be deleted.

– Finally, click on “Delete” to confirm the deletion of the YouTube history.

How to pause search and viewing history on mobile

– After launching the app on the mobile, touch the icon of your profile.

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– Click on the option “Your data on YouTube”.

– Swipe down until you find the “Play History” or “Search History” option.

– Press the arrow pointing to the right symbol.

– Choose “Disable” and then “Pause”. Done, you have now stopped the play/search history.

How to delete or pause YouTube history on computer

– Access YouTube from the PC browser.

– Click on “History”.

– Now choose “Manage all history”.

– Press the “x” to clear a particular search or to undo viewing history.

– Select “Delete” to confirm your selection.

– You can now choose “Delete all the time” from the “Delete” dropdown menu.

– Confirm your selection by clicking “Delete”.

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