How to delete repeating images on iOS and Android

eliminar fotos repetidas en smartphone.jpg
eliminar fotos repetidas en smartphone.jpg

Having duplicate photos on a mobile is normal, and the reason can be varied: backup copies, having several gallery apps, receiving and downloading photos that we already had stored in the storage memory, and so on.

It can take a long time to discover which files are duplicated, but With the free tool that you will see below, the process is reduced to a matter of minutes. This is what you should know about Duplicates Cleaner.

Duplicates Cleaner and the process to delete repeated photos from mobile

We recently talked about Remo Duplicate Photos Remover, as one of the best alternatives to get rid of repeated files that consume our storage capacity. Now, we want to focus on Duplicates Cleaner, another application at no cost and that it enjoys an almost perfect score of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play.

Among the most important points of this option we find the possibility not only to scan duplicate images, it also allows you to see what audios, videos, documents and even APK files are repeated within the mobile. To search for them, just click on the verification of said file from the main window, as shown in the screenshots.

Duplicates Cleaner captures

In the example presented in question, the app is scanning the photos, analyzing the matching patterns in a few seconds through the different folders With Images.

Once the verification process is finished, you will see the duplicate files on the screen, with their name and other information; from here you can delete the ones you want and keep only one. Therefore, after eliminating all the duplicates, it is advisable to perform another scan to verify that there are no duplicate images.

As you will see, the process is more than simple and in a matter of minutes you will free up storage space that can be very useful in case the memory is almost full. Here is the download link for the tools for iOS and Android:

Demo Duplicate Photos Remover: download from App Store

Duplicates Cleaner: download from Google Play