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How to delete old tweets and clean Twitter account

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Delete tweets

Surely you are still eating some publication on Twitter that you are not very proud of. The early days of social networks were turbulent and their operation has changed over the years, as have the users themselves.

Twitter only allows you to find the last 3,200 tweets of a user by scrolling

It is common for many people to wonder how to delete published tweets around 2010, when the social network had not yet outlined its potential.

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The problem that these regretful users face is that the social network only allows them to find using scroll the last 3,200 tweetsa figure that many meet in just six months of activity.

For this reason, here we are going to explain how to access those archaic tweets that you do not want anyone to see and that do not exactly bring back good memories:

First of all, if you intend to carry out this “Delete Operation” from the desktop, all you have to do is type https://twitter.com/search-advanced in the navigation bar to access the advanced search. Another way is to carry out any search and click on “Search filters” at the top left of the screen and, from there, access the advanced search.

Once inside, a filter menu will appear in which you can establish some search parameters based on the words used, exact phrases, dates, hashtags and other options.

To access our entire personal account, you must write your username in the “From these accounts” section and set the date from which you can no longer see tweets by scrolling. This is how you access those “hidden” tweets and you can delete the ones you want.

Twitter Advanced Search Bar

To delete these tweets using a mobile terminal you have to do it through the search section of the application. Once in the section you have to write in the search bar “from: username since: yyyy-mm-dd until: yyyy-mm-dd”. The temporal reference is established in the Anglo-Saxon format, so it corresponds to: year-yyyy; month- mm; day- dd.

This selection establishes a time range in which to search for tweets, so if you know that a few years ago you had a time of hatred for the world or in which staying up late and tweeting was your way of life, it is recommended that you delimit the months in those who lived in a state that is not recommended for social networks to access them more easily.

Other ways to delete your old tweets

Fortunately, there are alternatives to download your Twitter history, clean it up, and delete those posts you no longer want to revisit.

TweetDelete, delete tweets in a group

The free web service TweetDelete allows you to group delete posts on Twitter by selecting years or text filters. It can even be configured to perform a scheduled and automatic wipe with parameters set by the user.

– Visit the website tweetdelete.net.

– Enter with your Twitter user account and password.

– Confirm the permissions for the app.

After completing these steps, you can delete up to 3200 tweets at once. You can use the slider to delete messages up to a week, three months, or a year old, or customize the selection. In the text field you can select specific terms to delete any tweet you have posted that has that word.

The TweetDelete assistant also allows you to schedule a deletion of tweets every few days, but if you don’t have a backup, after deletion you will have lost them forever.

TwitWipe, delete all tweets in your account

The TwitWipe tool also allows you to deep clean your Twitter account, but in addition to posts, it includes comments, likes, mentions, and replies. The followers are not modified, and neither are the tweets where another person has mentioned you. It is a tool widely used by Community Managers to deliver an official account and leave it at 0 before a new management.

– Visit the page twitwipe.com.
– Press the Start button.
– Select Sign in using Twitter.
– Confirms the deletion or cancels the action.

TweetDeleter, to browse old tweets and delete them

With TweetDeleter you can browse your old comments on Twitter, search for specific terms and delete those comments you don’t want to see again. As an extra function, it allows you to save messages that we delete from Twitter, but that we can store in the application for security reasons.

– Visit the website tweetdeleter.com.
– Press the button to enter with your Twitter account.
– Confirm your username and password.
– Enable permissions.

The application has a simple interface from which to search, delete and select tweets. The free version allows you to search for up to 5 keywords per month. The paid version uses a basic, advanced, or unlimited monthly subscription system and ranges from $4 to $6 respectively. To use the save deleted tweets feature, you have to pay $5 per month regardless of subscription.

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