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How to delete comments you don’t like on Instagram

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One of the things that you would surely like to do constantly on instagram is to delete those comments from haters that are not worthy of being read by anyone. This is possible to achieve much more easily than you might think, and we will tell you how to achieve it in case you are interested. What we are going to indicate also serves to eliminate something that you published at the time and you were not particularly successful, so you want it to no longer be public so that someone you know can read it. The fact is that you can get it without having to install a third-party application, which is always positive because the steps to follow are official (with the security that this entails). What you have to do to delete comments One of the things that you must be clear about is that what does not belong to you on Instagram (we are talking about any type of publication), you cannot manage. Therefore, it is impossible for you to remove comments in which they are not yours. Once this is known, the options that exist in the application are the following: How to remove something from the feed This allows you to remove a comment from what appears on your timeline on Instagram, and consequently it is one of the most quick that you can use. Once you have the publication in front of you in the activity line (to access it you must click on the heart-shaped icon in the application), you must press and hold on the message you want to delete and, in the menu that it seems now, you should choose Delete comment. It’s all that simple. Delete everything from the post This doesn’t offer any complications either, as you simply have to access the post that the comment you don’t like is on. There you have to access all the answers that you have decided, selecting the option See comments and, then, look for the ones that you want to stop appearing anymore. Now you have to click on these continuously (it is possible to choose several at the same time), and in the upper right you will see an icon in the shape of a garbage can. You must use it to complete the process. Delete a comment of yours on Instagram You can achieve this in all the ones you have written on Instagram, which will prevent you from leaving something public that you don’t like at all. What you have to do is the following: Locate the message you want to delete, it doesn’t matter if the post is yours or not Click on it continuously. a garbage can). Do this as many times as you need. As you can see, simplicity is the predominant note when it comes to being able to eliminate comments that you don’t like, whether they are yours or those of the haters. Therefore, getting down to work is just a matter of having time. >

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