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How to Customize the Look of Safari on the iPhone

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Safari is one of the most used apps on an iPhone as it is your default browser for surfing the internet. For this reason, it has very interesting functions such as the ability to create groups of tabs and many other tricks for the search engine that we have been telling you about and that can be implemented to get the most out of it.

Recent iOS updates have allowed various edits to be made to the look and feel of the Safari browser.

Now, it is also possible to customize the appearance of the safari browser so that it adapts to the taste of any user. Although iOS does not stand out for its customization capacity, in this case it is something feasible and easy to achieve.

There are many things that can be done like enabling multiple colors for web pages, modifying the position of the search bar, changing the design of some portals and more. The changes can be made without complications, here we will tell you what you have to do to achieve a new look of Safari on your iPhone.

– Edit Safari home page background: here you can use any image you want, whether they are preset wallpapers or photos that you have taken. Open a Safari tab by tapping on the “Tabs” button, then tap on “Plus (+)”. Scroll down and click on “Edit”. You will see the background images option, you will have to enable it. Choose the photo you like the most or press «More (+)» to enter your gallery and place an image you have in an album.

– Modify the position of the address bar: The new iOS 15 update put the address bar in the lower zone, but it can also be adapted wherever you prefer. Go into “Settings” and go to “Safari”. Scroll down to the “Tabs” section, you will have two options enabled, “Tab Bar” and “Single Tab”. Turn on the “Tab Bar” to keep the bar at the bottom, or select “Single Tab” to put it at the top.

– Page tinting: “Website Tinting” makes it possible for the color of the address bar to change depending on the page that is open. Go to “Settings” – “Safari”. Go down and enter the “Tabs” section, activate or deactivate the option “Website Tinting” according to what you want.

– Reader view and edits in the text: “Reader View” redesigns the website to optimize it and keep advertising at bay. In addition to that, you also have the ability to change the font style, size, and color of the font. Once you open the portal you want to read, click on the “Reader View” icon in the corner of the address bar. A dropdown menu will be enabled, there select “Show reader view”. Now, tap on “Reader View” again, a popup will open to change the font as you like.

– Edit desktop website: this is for using the desktop version of a website on the iPhone. Click on “Reader view”, an option found in the address bar. From the menu, select “Request Desktop Website.” Now the portal will load automatically on the desktop version.


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