How to customize app icons on iPhone

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IPhone Apps

Last year Apple launched with iOS 14 the possibility of organizing the different elements of the iPhone according to the user’s experience and interests. This happens, for example, because the widgets on the home screen can be moved and resized. Within these iPhone customization possibilities You can also redesign the app icons to give them a unique and unrepeatable look.

With iOS 14 Apple introduced the possibility of redesigning the appearance of app icons

If you want to personalize your phone, here we explain how you can modify the design of your icons. Before you start, you need to make sure you have the correct operating system update. The ideal is to have iOS 14 or later updates, although with iOS 13 you can also change the design of the icons, although without as many possibilities as in the most recent versions.

-Open Shortcuts: Shortcuts is an app that is installed by default on all iPhone phones. Through it you can configure and modify a series of aspects of the operation of your mobile. Search for it on your phone, open it and then press the “+” icon, which you will find in the upper right corner of the start menu. When you do this, the app will take you to a new screen where you must click on a blue “Add action” button.

-Seeker: This button will take you to a new screen in which a series of actions will be suggested to you. These are related to your regular use of the phone. To change the design of the app icons, you must go to the search bar and write “Open app” in it. Click on the option that has that name and then on the sign that says “Choose.”

-“Choose”: This tab will take you to choose the apps you want to redesign. You will see that a list of all the applications that you have installed is displayed on your screen. Scroll down and select those whose icons you want to modify.

-Icon of the three dots: When you have selected all the apps you want to redesign, click on the icon with the three dots, in the upper right corner. By doing so, you will be able to give a new name to the action you are developing, so that it is saved in the “Shortcuts” app, and change the icon image of the selected apps.

-Add to home screen: Once you have renamed the action and changed the image of the app icon, click on the sign written in blue that says “Add to home screen.”

-Change the image: In a new screen you can choose if you want to change the icon for a photo from the gallery or if you want to take a new image. Choose the option you prefer and click, to finish, on “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, when you go to the start menu of your phone, you will see the changes saved in the apps that you have redesigned.