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How to create your personalized music festival poster with Spotify

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Spotify has made every music fan’s dream come true: Make your favorite music sound on demand. But there was one more step to go: create your own music festival poster. Favorite singers and groups, combined for three days by style or affinity, to enjoy for hours with the favorite songs of each user of this music streaming platform.

Instafest is automatically generated taking into account the music most listened to by the user on Spotify

And for the record of what was chosen, the cast is reflected, in the usual style of popular music festivals, in a poster that shows days and artists and that can be shared on social networks, so that it is possible to verify if, if it becomes a reality , it would be in sufficient demand among the public and the tickets would sell out quickly.

While the summary of the year arrives on Spotify for each user, a highly anticipated content to share on social networks, Internet users have launched these days to share the poster of their favorite festival. How is it created?

Create your favorite music festival poster

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The possibility of creating your festival poster is the proposal of Instafest, and auto-generated from Spotify reflecting the music most listened to by each user, with the possibility of making some personalization in the result. To do this, simply log in to the Instafest website identifying yourself with the Spotify user. It is not an official development of Spotify, but rather it is simply an online service that, based on the playback data of the songs on the platform, creates this dream festival poster.

Instafest needs to be granted permission to access user name and ID, profile picture, number of followers, public music and artist charts, and most streamed content.

The website will analyze music playback habits on Spotify and offer a list of the artists whose music plays the most, personalized for each user. Regarding the elements that this analysis takes into account, it allows determining the rank of time to analyze: the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months or all the time since you started using Spotify.

In addition, the graphic result can be configured by adjusting some parameters:

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-Duration on festival days.

-Distribution throughout those days of the selected artists.

-Design poster graphic (there are three styles available: Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk).

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-rename the festival in a personalized way.

Instafest Spotify

The result is an image in PNG format that can be stored to be shared on social networks and check if there would be more public willing to attend that festival, something that can be combined with a WhatsApp survey.

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