How to create your own emojis by combining them on Gboard, the Google keyboard

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how to create your own emojis by combining them on

Today we are going to teach you how can you create your own emojis merging those that you already have available on your keyboard. For this tutorial it will be necessary that you have installed Gboard, the Google keyboard, since this is an exclusive function of said keyboard. Check if you don’t have it already installed, since it usually comes by default in a good number of Android phones.

Thanks to Gboard we can combine different icons, a feature that arrived last year and has long been used on all Android phones. Let’s see how it is done, since it is quite simple.

How to create your own icons in Gboard combining others

The first thing we have to do is open any messaging app, like Telegram or WhatsApp. It also works in note apps like Keep, but it is a function specially designed for messaging apps, so use the one of your preference to ensure compatibility.
Press this icon to open the emoji section.
Press this icon to open the emoji section.


The second thing you are going to do is click on the option to show emojis, displayed as a smiley face right next to the space bar. If your version of Gboard is recent and there is no face, but a face and a comma, just hold down that key and the emoji selector will appear.

Combine two emojis and voila!
Combine two emojis and voila!


Once inside the emoji selector, you just have to select two emojis. Not all of them can be merged, but the vast majority of them can. The easiest thing is to use a basic emoji, such as an alien, ghost, cake, robot, etc., and combine it with a mood emoji: joy, happiness, cry, etc.

Once you have clicked on the two emojis, your combined emoji will be created, which you can now send to your contacts. Without a doubt, a quite original way to send content through messaging apps, giving the conversation a touch of its own.