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How to create your circle with whom you interact the most on Twitter

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If you are a Twitter user, you may have seen that many users are posting an image these days that represents a circle made up of the contacts with whom they interact the most on the social network.

The web page where the circle is obtained only admits a certain number of requests every 15 minutes

This is a photograph that shows 40 profile images of Twitter users. In the center, the profile photo of the person who makes the circle is placed. Around him, that of the 8 tweeters he interacts with the most.

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The next circle shows the following 15 tweeters with whom they interact the most (respond to their comments, share their content, give a “like” …) and the next 25 on the list are shown in the outer circle.

If you also want to create the circle with the people you interact the most, you should know that it is a very simple operation. All you have to do is access the Chirpty.com website, where you will be asked to enter your username to create your circle.

Twitter Interaction Circle

What can happen? That there is no possibility of creating the circle at a certain time. This is because Chirpty uses the Twitter API to build the graph, and it only allows a certain number of requests to be made from time to time.

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That is why it may be that the moment you enter the Chirpty website you cannot make your circle. According to the page, every 15 minutes new possibilities are enabled to create new circles. What happens is that you do not wait as if it were a virtual queue, but you have to update the page manually to go checking until you have the possibility to click “Generate your circle”.

There is another option, if you don’t want wait for a gap to be free, and it is pay. You will have to pay 0.99 cents if you want to get your circle right away. But from experience we tell you that after waiting a few minutes -and refreshing the page- it can be obtained without problems.

In either case, you will not have to give access to your Twitter account, since Chirpty uses public information that, as we say, is provided by the Twitter API directly.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The page we are talking about is Chirpty.com. Be careful not to confuse it with the same URL but ending in .me, since it is another web page and in this case they will ask you for access to your Twitter account … and that you accept a series of permissions.

Once you get your image, either for free or paying, you can customize its background color and save it on your computer or mobile, and from there share it on your Twitter account.

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