How to create the most creative and original Christmas greeting possible with ChatGPT

In the year of artificial intelligence, a special and unique Christmas greeting could not be missing with the help of DALL-E 3, Bing's free AI.

If this year DALL-E 3 has given the possibility of creating a wonderful poster for Disney Pixar-type movies , it also offers its innate ability to create unique images from text for that Christmas greeting with which to cheer up family and loved ones on such a date. special as it is Christmas.

This technology based on generating images from text is available for free from the Bing search engine in Microsoft Edge. It can be used from its desktop version as well as its apps for Android and iOS. The only thing that costs a little to create images in which texts appear in Spanish , so the best thing is to generate the image and then take it to an app that enters text.

In this case, you can use the apps that are already included in some of the most recognized Android phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi or OPPO itself. Also, from the Google Play Store you can download applications such as Google’s Snapseed or Canva for free to add the text ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ (the download links will be at the end). 

How to create a Christmas greeting

DALL-E 3’s AI offers a great experience so that through the  prompts you can add enough details to create a unique and creative Christmas greeting , although you can also go for the more classic style.

The only thing you have to do is try to describe the scene if you already have an idea chosen in your mind, but you can always let the artificial intelligence generate a more traditional image with a  simpler prompt  without as much description, like the following one with the text: ‘A Christmas greeting as magical as possible’.

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What is recommended is that after the description you apply a style , whether Disney Pixar, classic, Pixel Art, comic or minimalist. Below you can see several examples of prompts to get an idea and see the results below in the generated images.

  • Create a typical Christmas image in which Santa Claus appears with many gifts and surrounded by children, illustration style.
  • Create a Christmas greeting in which the text ‘Merry Christmas’ appears, Disney Pixar style, in the image the Three Wise Men appear.

Other styles that can be applied are illustration or even one more related to video games such as ‘Pixel Art’ . You can use the same description as before, or even reduce it to a minimum so that the AI ​​generates something more traditional.

  • Generate a Christmas greeting with the Three Wise Men going to Bethlehem, Pixel Art style.
  • Santa Claus with many gifts surrounded by children, illustration style.

In the following prompts we go for something more classic with the watercolor style to leave one of the most beautiful Christmas greetings that the AI ​​has generated. The second image, which has a style like that of Gothic stained glass, was generated in the cubist style. 

  • Create a Christmas greeting from the Nativity scene, watercolor style.
  • Create a Christmas greeting with the Christmas tree, cubist style.

The next two go for a different style. One would be comic for a  prompt focused on the Christmas tree and gifts, while the other style would be abstract, although it is quite far from that type of painting to do it with almost flat colors.

  • Generate a Christmas greeting with the Christmas tree and many gifts, comic style.
  • Create a Christmas greeting with the Christmas tree and the Three Wise Men, abstract style.
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All these images can be downloaded to your mobile phone or PC desktop in order to later take them to the aforementioned apps. They are simply uploaded and then the text is added from the tools located at the bottom of the screen. The Bing Chat, Canva and Snapseed apps can be downloaded below:

  • Download Bing Chat on Android and iOS .
  • Download Snapseed from Google on Android and IOS .
  • Download Canva on Android and iOS .