How to create or change a WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Status
WhatsApp Status


One of the uses of WhatsApp status is to communicate your status or availability to your contacts , although it is increasingly used to communicate things, such as your mood, situation, writing fragments of song lyrics, sending hints to certain people and anything else. . It is an option in the messaging app that is used a lot, although you may not know where the option to change it is located.


The truth is that it is much more useful than we can imagine. The information remains permanently until you change it. Additionally, when you add a new one, the date you changed it will appear so that people know when you updated it. We tell you more about this function of the app, how to change it, how it differs from the States and much more. Keep reading.


WhatsApp Status vs App Info

The changes are evident between both functions. One of the key differences can be the permanence of the information you want to publish. While the information prevails, the WhatsApp status has a certain period of time. But let’s take a more in-depth look at what these two features are that are available to all WhatsApp users.


What is WhatsApp status

Let’s start with the item that is available for a while. Although both are created to communicate what you feel, your current situation, or something you want to tell, the states are more focused on the graphic , in fact, the main option is to communicate with an image (although it can already be done with text as in the above). Plus, you can put more than one, which gives you more flexibility to express everything you want. As we told you at the beginning, these have a playback time and do not exceed 24 hours in duration.


What is profile information



Unlike statuses, Profile Information  has an unlimited duration . That is, once you put it on you can keep it active for as long as you want. Of course, the extension is not very wide, so you will only have a couple of lines available to write everything you want and add the icons you like the most if you want.


How to change information

You may want to discover how to update it because you have never done it yet and you feel like it, because you haven’t done it for a while or simply with the appearance of the states it has already lost a little of its prominence and even its name. Now it’s called Info , and we’ll tell you how to access it and enter whatever you want.


How to modify it

If you have already decided that you want to change it, all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Gives 3 menu points (at the top right)
  • Give Adjustments
  • Click on your image or name
  • There you will see the Info option
  • This is where you should write what you want to set as status.


If you want to do it on WhatsApp Web, it is even simpler since in the upper left part of the page you will see your photo . If you click on it, you will see a tab with your photo, name, Info and more. Click Info and you can change it. If you want to complicate it more, you can click on the 3 points, then click on Settings and then click on your profile image or name to access this option again.



What can I put in

Entering new information is very simple. You have some already installed due to defects with indicators that warn you whether or not you are available to talk for personal reasons or something more technical such as that the battery is low. But there is one thing you should know and that is that you can put your own texts. Everything is as simple as clicking on Info and then on the pencil icon to start writing whatever you want, from song lyrics to a web address.


You can put the message you want up to 139 characters , between letters and emoticons. As you write, it will tell you the characters you have left. You can write the state you are in, a famous phrase, a message for someone or whatever you want, within the limits indicated above. You will accompany it if you wish with WhatsApp emoticons .

Whenever you want, you can change it back to a new one written by you or press the ones that already exist by default and select an option. If you hit one, the action is confirmed. In addition, each new message you write, if you change it for another, will be left to use on other occasions. If you hit 3 points at the top you will delete them all and you will have to write them whenever you want depending on what you want to communicate.

This section cannot be left empty , so you will have to write something, even if it is just a simple comma or period.

Although it is not a change of status, if you want to communicate something else you can take advantage of the characters you have in your name.


How to add links

Did you know you can put a link in your status? This can be very useful if you want to publicize your business or if you have a blog and are trying to do a little promotion. The way to implement the links is very simple even though it is not something that WhatsApp offers openly.

To do this, open the WhatsApp app and access the “Status” tab. From there you will see My Status, as well as the two ways you can edit it: the camera and the pen. To put the link you need to use the pencil . Touch it and you will reach the whiteboard where you can write whatever you want and which says “Write a status.”

Therefore, instead of saying “at the doctor” or “watching The Last of Us,” what you have to do is type in the full address of your link . You don’t need to include the https, just putting the www at the beginning and the domain at the end will be more than enough and that will help the status visually look better. When you’re done, preview and save the status. Remember several things, such as you can change the font and color, as well as use the text detection system if you want to abbreviate. Another way to reduce the time you will spend putting the link will be to copy it outside of WhatsApp and then paste it instead of typing it.


How to choose who sees it

If you want to configure your privacy to control who sees them, it is as simple as following the following steps:

  • Go to the 3 points of the Menu
  • Access Settings
  • Select the Account option
  • Click on Privacy
  • Yes in Info


Press and select the option that interests you (let everyone see it in Everyone , let only the people you have on your list see it in My Contacts , or let no one see you in Nobody ).

Once you have made the selection you want and check that it is already configured, only the people you want will be able to see the status you write. This option will not appear for others. Furthermore, if you block a person, they will not be able to see your Info or your profile photo, so in this case you will not have to do anything to configure so that this person does not see you since the blocked contacts will have minimal information about you.


How to add WhatsApp statuses

If what you want is to change the Application States , the first thing you should know is that to change one for another, since the option itself does not exist, you will have to delete the previous one and publish a new one. If you do not want to delete it, there is always the option of waiting for 24 hours to pass and it deletes itself. If you want to delete the one you have at that moment, you can click delete at any time. You will only have to open it and where you see the people who have seen it, go to the 3 menu points at the top right. The option to delete will appear.


If you want to keep the previous one and include a new one, you can do so, since more than one can be published at a time .


Add a new status

Meta has made it very easy to access this feature so you can share everything you are doing with all your contacts. To add a new status you just have to open the application and click on news. Afterwards, you will have access to My status, where you just have to click on the + symbol to take one of the two options that we leave you below:


Photography and video

If you position yourself above where it says My status and your photo, you can select or take the photo you want to appear on it (you can also do it from the camera image at the bottom left of the page).


Of text

If you want to create one with text , you will have to give the pencil image. There you can write what you want, add emoticons, change the font and the background color.


You can send the image you want (it will be sent automatically when you select it).


Edit Privacy Status

One of the things you should keep in mind when creating a State is deciding who can or cannot see the information in the States. For that you have to edit the privacy of the States.

The first thing you have to do is click on the three dots at the top right and then click on Settings. In the Privacy section you can choose who can see it, whether only your contacts, everyone or a lucky few.


Share Status Updates on Facebook

Something that we will also be able to do is share our status updates on Facebook stories. The way to proceed is as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Let’s go to States.
  • We create a status update as we have already seen.
  • Here we have two options for sharing content, depending on whether we want to share a new status update or an old one…
    • In case you want to share a new status update
      • In the My Status section, we tap Share on Facebook Story


      • We click Allow or Open to open the Facebook application
      • Now in the Facebook application, we will select the audience with whom we will want to share the status
      • We finish by tapping on Share Now .
    • If, on the other hand, we want to share old status updates, the steps are different.
      • Click on “My status” (in the case of using an iPhone) or “More” next to “My status” (in the case of Android)
      • We touch “More” next to the status update that we want to share
      • Then tap Share on Facebook


It is important to know that, if we have several status updates, we can choose which ones we want to share in Facebook stories, although this function is only available if we have the Facebook application on Android, Facebook Lite on Android, or Facebook on iOS.


How to see the statuses of other contacts

You may want to see if your contacts have updated their information, what situation they are in, if they have sent any new messages or you simply want to see all their statuses in a single moment , to find out what’s new.

A few months ago, the states had their own section within the application, but with the arrival of channels everything has changed. However, viewing the statuses is much easier thanks to the fact that WhatsApp has inherited from Instagram a halo that indicates that a contact of yours has just uploaded one or more statuses. You will know the number of publications thanks to the fact that the outer circle of the profile image is divided into as many sections as there are states that have been published up to a limit.

new states section

On the other hand, as you can see in the image above, if you want to consult all the published statuses and know at once which contacts have uploaded a new photo, it is best to go to the News section . Here you will also find the channels, but the first thing you will see are the latest updates on the status of all your contacts. The best thing is that when you click on one you will see the rest and you can go through all of them like in the Instagram Stories that we told you before.

It can also be seen in the contact sheet. If you open it, in the section that says Info and contact number. In addition, you will see the date it was published, in case you are interested in obtaining this information. This is interesting if you want to know specific information about a person. You can do it while you are in conversation with the person or without being in conversation. You open their chat, click on their name and shortly below you will see this information.

Other people will be able to consult yours both from their contact list, if they have you in it, and in your “private” (if you have everyone to see it, even those who do not have you in their contact list can do so). Of course, taking into account the privacy options that you have determined.



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