How to create folders in Gmail from mobile to organize email

One of the options that you have to know about Gmail is that it is possible to create folders (also called labels). These serve to have more computer the mail you receive, since you can create the ones you consider appropriate. And, in this way, put it in the chosen one so that it is not in the inbox. This is also quite simple. We show you how to achieve all this in a simple and effective way. One of the things you should know is that creating labels in Gmail is completely safe. In other words, you are not going to lose messages in any way, you will simply have them in another place (but, always, in a safe place). Thus, if you have to organize your vacations, you can create a folder with this name and all the actions you carry out that require mail, have them perfectly controlled in one place to access them more quickly. In other words, you will have everything much better organized. So create folders or labels in Gmail You can do this from any version of Google mail, but currently it is used much more on mobile devices. Therefore, we have decided that it will be in the version for iOS and Android that we will show you the steps you have to take to achieve the goal. There is no difference between the two operating systems, and the app is free to download. This is what you should do: Open the application that we usually talk about and, if necessary, log in with the account in which you want to perform the actions. Now, in the upper left area, you will see an icon with three horizontal lines (commonly known as hamburger). Click on it and now scroll until you find a section called Tags. At this moment, click on Create new. You will now see a window on the screen that allows you to put the name of the folder and, when you do this, use the confirmation button. Once this is done, you are finished and, obviously, you can create as many labels as you consider appropriate (you should know that, just as you generate them, you can delete them if you wish). How can you send the emails to their place? Well, it is something as simple as entering the message in question and, using the menu that is displayed with the advanced options (in the upper right area), choose Move to. Once you do this you will be able to see the list of labels that you have created and choose the desired one. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and, much less, dangerous when it comes to managing Gmail mail with folders. And, in this way, you will see how much more productive you are when using the mobile version of this client. >