How To Create Evil Undead Eyes in Photoshop


In this video tutorial watch, Dean Samed shows us how to create evil undead eyes in Photoshop. These can be used in your Halloween or conceptual images.In the video, Samed starts by explaining that even though he is not reinventing the wheel with this technique, he feels that this formula creates a more realistic looking undead eye than can be found on most YouTube channels. And I agree, most eyes I see have usually just been filled in with white. This for me does not work and I feel the way Samed creates this effect is the best one I have seen. This is more than likely down to using a reference image to study and replicate, which is something painters do, but it can be applied to photo manipulation.

Samed runs through a series of easy to follow along techniques to achieve the effect. Starting with the pen tool to create selections around the eye. If you have ever seen any of Samed’s videos, you will know he is a pen tool master. That coupled with some painting, blur, and levels and you have yourself realistic undead eyes.

This tutorial is great for beginners and even intermediate Photoshop artists who want to add more realism to their scary images. The tutorial is very easy to follow along and should cause no problems even for someone who barely uses Photoshop. And do not just use it for eyes, there are plenty more ways in which you could use this technique. We could apply this to other subjects to get a different texture or maybe even a marble effect.

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