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How to create different profiles for various users on Amazon Fire tablets

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How to create different profiles for various users on Amazon Fire tablets

One of the options offered on tablets, and the Amazon Fire are not an exception, it is the possibility of creating different users so that everyone has their preferences well established. If you do not know how to do this in the products of the well-known online store, we show you what you have to do to achieve it.

By doing this, on the device you will be able to have in a very structured way what each of the family members uses. And it is that it is not the same the applications that use the little ones in the house than those usually needed by Adults. Besides, the data will not be shared either, so there is no risk that the history of something will be deleted. Therefore, we are talking about a function that is much more useful than you might think at first.

This is how you create users on Amazon Fire tablets

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Next, we are going to show you what you have to do to create the users and, in addition, that these are for adults or for children. In this way, you will surely have the Amazon tablet perfectly configured so that each user has access to what they need and use regularly.

adult users

  • Open the access to the Amazon store and, once there, click on the menu icon that is represented by three horizontal lines.
  • Use the Account option, and then you must find the section called account settings and, there, select Manage your home.
  • Now you have to use Add adult to create such an account and when you choose this option you will have to provide the requested data. These range from the name to the email address.
  • Now, what you have to do is use Continue. If they are not the owner of the Amazon account, the person in question receives a message that they have 14 days to accept the content, otherwise it will be deleted.
  • Done this, you are done.
Front of an Amazon Fire tablet

child users

  • The process in this case is something else easyand allows you to establish restrictions on access to content that we believe are not suitable for children. These are the steps you have to take to proceed with the creation of an account of this type on the Amazon Fire:
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to see notifications. Now swipe again to see more options on the tablet screen. Click on the person-shaped icon.
  • Now choose New User from the options to see and then use OK.
  • Use Add a child profile, then enter their name and date of birth. If you want, you can set a profile picture.
  • Use Add profile and you already have it available.


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