How to Create Burning Effect in Photoshop


In this video tutorial watch as Abby Esparza shows you how to create a burning effect in Photoshop. This is a really cool effect, and the way Esparza goes about doing this is definitely one of the best ways I have seen.

In the video, Esparza starts by showing us the final burned effect, which I have to say looks amazing with lava-like quality. Glowing heat emanating from the charred skin. It looks like something pulled straight from a Lord of the Rings movie. As with any technique, it starts by building a good foundation to work on and that is what Esparza does, using adjustment layers to get the stock model’s face ready for editing.

As the tutorial moves along, we see just how important blend modes are in the photo manipulation world. They certainly do come in very handy when blending textures into anything and open up so many possibilities. Esparza uses an image of rocks, which with some brightness adjustments, looks like charred wood when she has finished. One of the oldest tricks in the Photoshop playbook, adding fire to something with screen blend mode, is used as we move into the final stretch. I have used this on many occasions. It is an effective yet simple trick that can work wonders. 

This tutorial is great for intermediate Photoshop artists who want to start having a go at more advanced Photoshop photo manipulation techniques. This video is a little harder than some of the other videos from Esparza but it is always good to challenge yourself and grow as an artist.

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