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How to create and publish podcasts with the new Spotify

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The Spotify team has announced a series of interesting developments that improve the user experience. Not only will you find a great redesign of the app, but new dynamics have also been added for artists and those who bet on the platform to share their podcasts.

Although Spotify already had a series of tools that make it easy to upload and monitor podcasts, now the process is much easier and more complete, thanks to the news that we will tell you about below.

Spotify for Podcasters is renewed with these functions

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Spotify for Podcasters is getting a complete makeover, becoming a hub for organizing all the tools to create and manage podcasts. A new dynamic that is enhanced thanks to the fact that Anchor now becomes part of this platform:

It’s official: Anchor, the world’s largest podcast hosting platform, has combined with Spotify for Podcasters to create a completely new and unique platform with everything you need to create and grow a podcast/ […] We’re also bringing, for the first time, the unique and interactive features of Spotify to all podcasters, no matter where their show is hosted.

In other words, creators will no longer have to split between Anchor and Spotify for Podcasters to create and track the reach of their podcasts, since all the tools will be centralized in one place.

For example, they’ll find options for uploading and publishing their podcast episodes, interactive features like Q&A, as well as tools to measure the impact of podcasts.

So just by logging into your Spotify for Podcasters account and opening the dashboard, you’ll have an overview of how your podcast episodes are performing, along with some features you can integrate into existing episodes.

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This new dynamic makes it even easier to prepare podcast shows to share with your audience without neglecting your marketing strategy.

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