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How to create a summary of your chats on WhatsApp with this tool

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We recently talked to you about the steps to follow to enjoy Spotify Wrapped, a summary where you will find the songs that you have listened to the most throughout 2021. And now, you know that you can do the same with WhatsApp.

All thanks to WhatsApp Wrapped, a web application that has just been launched and that is capable of analyzing the history of a WhatsApp chat in order to create a fun report where you can see different data.

Use WhatsApp Wrapped to create a report of your conversations

While is true that Before WhatsApp offered you a function to know the messages sent and received, through different updates this element was eliminated. And for this reason comes WhatsApp Wrapped, a surprisingly fun tool that will allow you to have a very complete summary of what has happened in your WhatsApp chat histories.

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ANDl WhatsApp Wrappe mechanismd is very simple, since you only have to export a chat as a TXT file and upload it to the following link for the application to take care of the rest. The best of all? Which is done locally, so you don’t have to upload your conversations anywhere.

WhatsApp Wrapped interface

WhatsApp Wrapped interface WhatsApp Wrapped

For it, All you have to do is open the WhatsApp Wrapped page and click on Browser Files to upload the file to the browser and the history will be generated. Are you afraid that someone can access the information? We have already told you that this tool works locally, so you can even use this website without an Internet connection.

At report generated by WhatsApp Wrapped You will be able to see the total number of messages, percentages of your sent messages and of the other person, the most active hours, the most used words, the most used emojis… Come on, what options are you going to miss?

It should be noted that this interesting tool is open source and is available on GitHub. And the truth is that it works really well, but sometimes it fails and does not generate the report, especially if the chat history is very long. Just be patient, wait for all the processing to finish (it can take a long time in some cases) and you can easily enjoy a complete summary of your chat history on WhatsApp.

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If you want try WhatsApp WrappedKnow that through the following link you can try this tool and have a summary of everything you have written in a WhatsApp chat

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