How To Create a Seamless Carousel Collage for Instagram

Standing out on social media is no small task anymore. If you’re looking to get ahead on Instagram, this could help set you apart and attract eyes during the relentless scrolling.

Social media — in its many forms — has become such a fundamental part of modern life that there would be a strong argument that anyone wanting to make a name for themselves, in damn-near anything, needs a presence. I have become jaded with many of the platforms and was posting for the wrong reasons, so I’ve taken a brief hiatus, but when I was active, I was aware I had a flaw. (Well, probably far more than one, but this isn’t therapy.) Namely, I didn’t do enough to stand out from the crowd.

There are lots of ways to do this, from the type of content you post, through to being more response and interactive with your following. However, as is true with everything in life, if you can do something unusual and attractive, you’ll see better results. In this video by Justin McDonough of Dunna Did It, he walks you through how to create an image for the carousel function. This is a common tool, and even using it for one photo to create a giant panoramic, isn’t uncommon. A lesser seen use, however, is creating a seamless collage of related images and then putting them in the carousel in a way that has perfect continuity. A nice and effective idea!

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