How to create a PDF signature for documents on Mac

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Although electronic documents are becoming more common and the paper is being cornered, it is still sometimes necessary to resort to a hybrid model in which the handwritten signature must be incorporated into a document in electronic format, very often a PDF file, which is characterized by.

PDF files can be edited to incorporate the digital version of a handwritten signature

The problem may arise from the need to add handwritten signature without going through the hassle of printing the document, signing the paper and rescanning and saving as PDF, a hassle that fortunately is not necessary to incur. Specifically in the case of Mac users, there is a simple procedure to achieve this without having to go through another possibility that could be more complex, such as editing the PDF document itself.

First, it will be necessary to have a digitized version of the handwritten signature. The easiest way to get it directly from the Mac computer itself, without resorting to signing a piece of paper and scanning the signature or photographing it with the mobile phone (or even with the webcam itself) is through open the Preview application, with which you can draw a freehand drawing of the signature.

Preview has a specific menu, identifiable precisely by the icon of a handwritten signature, which also offers three ways to acquire it: through a wireless shipment from the iPhone, through the computer’s camera or through the trackpad.

Mac signing options

This would be easier if you have a graphics card, but the usual thing is to have a mouse on your computer or, better still in the case of laptops, the touch pad. Several tests will have to be carried out until an optimal result is achieved, since it is not the same to trace the signature as is usually done with a pen than to repeat those strokes with a mouse or by sliding the finger across a surface while the drawing appears on the screen.

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If you opt for the first two possibilities mentioned (camera or iPhone), you will have to have a piece of paper or some document where the signature already appears, and then it will be enough to place it before the camera from the computer, so that the signature is properly captured. In this case, it should be noted that a box will appear on the screen with a horizontal line on which the signature must be placed to be properly captured. For this, the image shown on the computer screen shows the signature in an inverted way, like a mirror, which makes it easier to locate it correctly, but once the image is captured, the signature will be oriented in the correct way.

In the case of choosing the iPhone as the signature input method, the mobile will be linked to the computer so that the touch screen itself will be used to trace the signature on it, being sent automatically to Preview.

Once the signature is drawn Preview will store it, so that for future occasions it will be available, but it will be necessary to be careful to eliminate it from the computer if it is a computer that other people use. To do this, simply move the mouse over the signature that appears displayed and click on the button with an X, which removes the signature.

Finally, to add that signature to a document, all you have to do is open the PDF via Preview, click on the aforementioned icon with the representation of the handwritten signature and the saved signature will appear, which after selecting it will appear on the PDF to be able to locate it and adjust its size to the space for the signature.

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