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How to create a link for video calls on WhatsApp

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When making a video call through WhatsApp, you have the possibility to schedule and share them through a link. This function makes it easier to hold group meetings within the instant messaging app, since it allows you to send that link to all the people who will participate, who will only have to click on it to start the conversation and join the WhatsApp video call. This is one of the novelties that WhatsApp has recently introduced to improve the productivity of the platform’s functions.

WhatsApp is constantly including new improvements and one of the most useful has been the option to easily share calls.

This new concept of sharing WhatsApp video calls through a link is common in other apps to make video calls such as Google Meet or Zoom, where an invitation link is usually shared with other people.

The functionality will be very useful in WhatsApp for those who have constant video meetings at work or who meet with their friends or family through the app to catch up. Just follow the instructions that we will give below to send the link to any contact that you have registered in the application.

So you can share video calls on WhatsApp

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– Launch the app on your mobile.

– Go to the calls tab.

– Press the option “Create video call link”.

– Decide on one of the alternatives in the list of methods to share the call, either through WhatsApp or other external applications.

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– Share the link.

– Now tap the link to join the call.

That’s all you need to do to share the link. When a user receives a link, they only have to click on it to join the video call you have generated in a matter of a couple of seconds.

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An important point is that the links are renewed every 90 days, which means that if you use the same link for a weekly meeting, you will have to update it every three months.

It is also vital that you are aware that video calls on WhatsApp support a maximum of 50 participants, but if you are thinking of doing a mass broadcast, WhatsApp will not offer the support you require and you will have to look for another option.

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