How to create a Group profile on Instagram

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The group profiles on instagram They are a function of the social network owned by Meta that allow you to create collaborative and multi-administrator accounts. This is a novelty that, together with the new broadcast channels, has significant potential to become one of the most useful tools for content creators.

Promote events, join spaces dedicated to a specific topic or share all your Instagram content.

With group profiles on Instagram you will create spaces where multiple users can join. Each group profile can have several administrators and, in addition, you will have the possibility to choose if the group will be public or private.

It is worth mentioning that in your new group profile you can upload stories, reels, posts, etc. So, the goal is to share any kind of content allowed by the platform. Next, we tell you how to generate your first Instagram group.

Create a group profile on Instagram

– Enter the Instagram mobile app or the website with your account.

– Locate the icon of three horizontal lines in your feed in the upper right corner and click on it.

– You’ll see the usual dropdown menu, but now you’ll find the “Group Profiles” option near the bottom of the list.

– Normally, by pressing this option you will be able to view all the groups of which you are a member. However, if you are setting up your first group profile, you will only see the “Create” button, press it.

– You can now start uploading information to your group profile and set your preferences. Simply, you must choose a name for the group, your username within the group, a profile picture and add a description.

– The next thing will be to indicate if the group will be public or private. Additionally, you can also set whether the administrator(s) will have permission to approve or disapprove each member’s posts before publishing them.

– Now that you have everything configured, press the “Create” button and that’s it, you can invite other users to join.

On the other hand, to access your groups you will now have an option that you can find in the main menu of your feed. Click on the three people icon and access the profiles of groups that you have created or joined

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