How to create a group in Gmail to send emails to several people at the same time

One of the ways in which it is possible to improve the use of the Gmail mail client is the creation of contact groups. By doing this, you can join several people in one and if you have to send an email that is of interest to them, you just have to write an address -and not have to search individually-. We tell you how to get this. The truth is that the usefulness of this option is unquestionable, and it will surely allow you to save time when sending an email to several contacts at the same time. In addition, the group creation process is completely secure and private, so you won’t run the risk of losing information or that any of the recipients can see the email address of the rest (and this is vital). Besides, it is important that you know that you will be able to use everything that you generate both in the Gmail web client and in the application for iOS and Android. This is how you create groups to use Gmail To do this you don’t have to use Google’s mail client, but you can take advantage of them due to the synergy that all the tools of the Mountain View company have, so it allows it. The fact is that the flexibility offered by the function is very high and can generate your own group for the family or for friends with whom you share a hobby. These are the steps you have to take from your computer, which is where everything is done more comfortably: Use this link to access the Google Contacts application. Now you will see all the contacts you have stored in your Google account. If you do not have any, before doing anything you must register the necessary ones using the “+” icon that is in the upper left part of the screen. The next thing is to select the people who will make up the group, to do this, pass the mouse over the icon that represents a contact and click with the mouse to choose it. You must repeat this with all the people you want to be inside. The step you have to take now is to use the Manage labels option that is in the upper area and that has an icon in the shape of a lateral arrow (right next to your own, which is an envelope). Make use of Create. It’s time to name the group, and ideally it’s something you remember so you don’t have problems later. Accept. You will now see the group on the left side of the screen among the menus that exist in the Contacts application. You have finished. Now you simply have to write the name of the group in Gmail and, automatically, the application will select it, sending the email to all the contacts that make it up. As you can see, everything is very simple and practically automatic. It is important that you know that you can do this even in the CC and BCC fields, so the existing possibilities are all the ones that you can use in the Google mail client. >