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How to cool down the mobile if it overheats in summer

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The heat wave continues to hit hard this summer, and with it the problem continues that many electrical appliances heat up a little more than normal, which we clearly know is not a good thing.

Now, of all the devices in question, mobiles are the ones that can mainly suffer from overheating. For this reason, it is perfect for you to read this article, as we will show you some useful tips that you can use to cool down your smartphone.

Keep it out of direct sun under any circumstances

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Although you think that it is unnecessary to say this, putting a mobile under direct sunlight or leave it in an environment where the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsiusobviously it is something that will cause the device to overheat.

Even more, it has been twice as important as if the mobile is in an environment of this style, avoid as much as possible opening video games or playing videos in high qualitysince you will be demanding more from the device in a hot situation where it is actually the least needed.

Remove the protective cover

We well know that the protective covers of mobile phones, in general, tend to fulfill their function of keeping the device protected from a possible fall quite well. Nevertheless, in these covers also the heat is usually retained emitted by the same smartphone, so it is best that you choose to take it off so that it is cooler.

Avoid charging your mobile

If your smartphone has enough battery but you are about to charge it in a hot moment, it is best to avoid doing so. It is normal and almost a certainty that the temperature of the mobile will rise, especially if you are using it so you know that this is something that you should avoid as much as possible, or at least until a while passes and the mobile is at the lowest temperature.

Stop using it for a while to rest

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Related to what we discussed in the first point, something that can overheat your mobile (even excessively) is the open apps or games that use too many device resources to work properly, so it’s best to avoid opening things like this.

Switch off the mobile phone

If you feel that all of the above has not been very helpful, you can always simply opt for turn off the mobile to rest and stop your work for as long as you consider necessary for it to cool down sufficiently.

It is without a doubt an option you should keep in mindsince many times all the advice that we tell you is not enough, but everything will depend on the situation.

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