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How to Convert PDF to OCR in excel

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If you have a scanned or image-based PDF that has been converted to Excel using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the text in the Excel file may require some editing to correct any errors or formatting issues. Here are some steps to convert OCR in Excel:

  1. Open the Excel file containing the OCR text.
  2. Check the OCR text for errors or formatting issues. OCR is not always 100% accurate, so there may be some errors in the text.
  3. Use Excel’s editing tools to correct any errors or formatting issues. This may include adjusting the column width, text alignment, and font size.
  4. Use Excel’s formatting tools to apply any necessary styles or formatting to the OCR text. For example, you may want to apply bold or italic text to certain sections, or add borders or shading to cells.
  5. Review the OCR text for accuracy and consistency. Make sure that all of the text has been properly converted and is displayed correctly in the Excel file.
  6. Save the Excel file with the corrected OCR text.

By following these steps, you can convert OCR text in Excel and ensure that the text is accurate and formatted correctly.

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