How to converse with another person who speaks in a different language


Yous is a new communication tool focused on enabling audio and video chat conversations with another person, regardless of the language spoken by that other person, since Yous will be in charge of obtaining the phrases and translating them in real time through its Artificial Intelligence, offering them to the interlocutors through synthesized voices in their respective native languages.

Yous tries with its service to join people to the conversations regardless of the language in which each one speaks, since it will ensure that the language barrier is not a problem. The bad thing is currently does not support the Spanish language out of the 16 languages it supports today.

In addition to real-time translations, Yous also has the ability to offer a full text chat transcript, which will allow users to have a copy of their conversations.

And if that weren’t enough, this communication tool is privacy-friendly, since they do not store any data on their servers, so there is also no ability to sell them to a third party.

Is currently available as web app and mobile web, although its developers are already working to offer a native mobile application, as well as the ability to establish calls to mobile or landline numbers by integrating its translator based on Artificial Intelligence, thereby expanding the possibilities of communication with more people.

In the future, according to the FAQ, Yous plans to allow group conversations, going beyond the current 1-to-1 conversations.

Yous is offered in modality freemium, offering free accounts with audio and video calls of a maximum duration of 5 minutes, while paid accounts have a cost of about $ 15 per month for calls of up to 60 minutes, where in any case translations are offered for AI and transcripts of conversations.

Those who need more time will be charged an additional $ 0.25 per minute.

There is no doubt that, in addition to the communication tools of the main technology companies, in recent times other communication tools have come to come, completely independent and quite simple to use, focused on their main tasks, trying to meet the needs of communication pushed by the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

And although measures are already being relaxed, audio and video calls will be present, where Yous can be an ideal option to cover certain needs of the emerging hybrid work modality.

Link: Yous