How to control the Apple Watch smart watch from an iPhone step by step

How to control the Apple Watch smart watch from an iPhone step by step
how to control the apple watch smart watch from an

One of the novelties that have arrived with iOS 16 and which is not talked about much is the function called Apple Watch Mirroring. This has the virtue of allowing the company’s smart watch to be used with the iPhone, which can be most useful in some cases. We show you what you have to do to activate it.

This tool is integrated by default into the operating system of Apple smartphones, but it is not activated, so you cannot use it if you do not change the situation. In what has to do with the operation, through the use of the Apple AirPlay wireless protocol, you can use voice control from the iPhone to use the usual options on the screen as if you were pressing it. Therefore, we speak of wide and advanced possibilities.

This is how you activate Apple Watch control with an iPhone

Obviously, to be able to use the function we are talking about, you have to sync smartwatch with phone, since otherwise you will not be able to control the clock. Also, it is important that you keep one thing in mind: in order to activate the tool, you must have an Apple Watch Series 6 or later with the operating system watchOS 9 (at least). If this is true, what you should do is the following:

  • Go into iPhone Settings as usual, by tapping on the gear-shaped icon, for example.
  • Now, in the menu that you see on the screen, look for the Accessibility section that is in the lower area. Here you must find the Apple Watch Mirroring function in the Engine and physical options section.
  • You access a new screen in which there is a single slider that you have to make active for the function to be functional. You get that by clicking on it.
  • You will now see the smartwatch screen on iPhone indicating with a blue outline that the feature is working, and from that point on, you can perform actions remotely.
  • This done, you are done.

When you finish performing actions, what you have to do is click on the X-shaped icon in the upper right area. If you need to use the tool again, simply follow the steps we have indicated. It is enough easy everything, but the access in the menus is somewhat more hidden than desirable. Ideally, it would be to put a shortcut in the Control Center of the iPhone. But this, for sure, will come to the iOS operating system in the future.


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