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How to consult the notifications sent by the Tax Agency

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It is known that one of the notifications that many Spanish citizens hate receiving on their smartphone is the one from the Tax Agency.

Luckily, people have electronic administration to manage the corresponding tax procedures.

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However, most government websites present unintuitive designso that some skill is required to be able to consult the notifications sent and provide a quick response that avoids the arrival of a letter at your home.

It is worth mentioning that at some point this notification system will also be implemented in the State administration. It is enough to see how when presenting any documentation before the registry, the interested party is requested to carry out this through the Internet; this as a consequence of the new tax legislation.

In this post we will give you the steps to follow so that you can check both the latest notifications and those received in the past.

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Steps to follow to consult the notifications sent by the Tax Agency

You need to know what you will need have the electronic certificate or the [email protected] PIN to be able to carry out this procedure, due to the confidential nature of the information reflected in the documents and which is sent to the Tax Agency. So you will never see an email where you receive the notification in a PDF document or in an SMS link.

Once you have a digital identification key, the next step to follow is to consult all the notifications present at the headquarters itself.

The first thing you should do is enter the section corresponding to the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency. Then click on the option Check notifications and communications which appears in a light blue box; this only in case you want to consult the notifications sent by this body.

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You will also find these notifications in the Unique Enabled Electronic Address that groups all the administrations.

Once this is done, you will be taken to another screen where you will have to choose the way you want to access this section of the AEAT, being the digital certificate or the permanent [email protected] the most recommended option. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of all the options available on the page.

Then, a search engine will be displayed on the screen where you can adjust the way in which the notifications you have received will be presented, that is, by dates; an initial and a finalwhich will only show notifications you’ve received within that range.

In the event that you have registered with the Tax Agency as a natural person, the notifications will continue to be sent to you in physical format at your tax address. However, these will also appear in this section so that you can consult them when you receive the SMS or if you have the history.

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