How to connect your iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker

iphone joven
iphone joven
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The gatherings and parties of friends in summer are not the same if there is no good music playing in the background. Unlike what happened a few years ago, you no longer need large equipment to put music, not even plugs to connect to the power. All you need is a portable speaker with a Bluetooth connection and an iPhone. In a matter of seconds your favorite music will be playing through the speaker.

All iPhones have a Bluetooth connection, although it is usually off by default

These are the simple steps you have to follow in order for your iPhone to connect with the speaker:

-Activate Bluetooth: All iPhone models have a Bluetooth connection, although this option is not always activated by default. To check if this is the case, you must press, in the main iPhone menu, in the “Settings” icon.

When you open this folder, a tab that says “Bluetooth” will appear under the airplane mode and Wi-Fi connection options. If on the right it says “Off” you must click on the box to change it to “On”, so that the Bluetooth connection is activated.

– “My devices”: Once the iPhone’s Bluetooth is activated, you will see that two sections appear on the screen. Just below the tab to activate or deactivate Bluetooth it says “My devices” and, further down, “Other devices”.

At the same time, you need to activate Bluetooth mode on your speaker, which usually has a button for that purpose. Once you have done it, and if you have never connected that speaker to your iPhone, it will appear in the “Other devices” section the name of the speaker. If you see several options, and you don’t know which one to press, it is best to look on the speaker for the name of the brand and model.

As soon as you have found it, you simply have to click on the device on the name of the speaker. A beep will sound from the speaker and you will be able to play music from your iPhone.