How to Connect Accessories to Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

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The number of accessories that are considered smart increases exponentially with each passing month. There are from light bulbs that can be controlled by voice, to bells or thermostats that also offer this possibility. If you want to pair them with your Amazon Echo speakers and don’t know how, here’s how to do it. The accessories that can be controlled with the Alexa assistant allow you to make use at home much more comfortable, without losing high functionality as long as you have a device compatible with the Amazon service such as the aforementioned speakers or, failing that, smart screens. By the way, the synchronization process is extremely simple, which is always positive, since this allows you to have everything completely configured in a short time to get the most out of it without having to touch anything. Steps to synchronize accessories with the Amazon Echo Obviously, the first thing you have to confirm is that the product in question is compatible with the Amazon voice assistant, because otherwise you will not be able to use it no matter how you wear it. In the case that we are going to deal with, the process is direct synchronization, so you will not need to add a smart home center to be able to access the speakers (we do this this way, since there are fewer and fewer devices that work in this way) . If the above is true, what you have to do is follow these instructions to be able to use the device with your voice with all the options that the Amazon Echo allows: Check that the accessory and the product with Alexa are turned on and connected to the same network WiFi. Now open the Alexa application on the smartphone you use, you can download it at this link for iOS and at this other for Android. Open the app and, in the initial menu, select the More option in the lower right area and then choose the option Add a device. A wizard starts in which you have to choose the type of accessory and then the brand. Then, follow the instructions on the screen that are different for each product. Once this is done, and following the steps indicated, you will finish in just five minutes. Everything is that simple to be able to use the Amazon Echo with the smart accessories you buy (and even televisions and consoles). As you can see, you won’t find any difficulty when it comes to being able to synchronize everything to take advantage of the Alexa voice assistant… and, obviously, you can repeat this operation as many times as you need. Without a doubt, Amazon has done a good job to make everything very easy. >

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