How to configure the sound of Google Nest accessories very easily

If you have an accessory from the range Google’s Nest, you may not get the most out of this smart device (be it a speaker or display). An example is to fully customize the sound it plays. We show you a way to achieve this and that you will surely appreciate to have the best possible user experience.

There are two possibilities that are very positive in this section of the operation of the Google Nest. One is the management of volume, which is not always done optimally. The other is to use a equalizer internal in the management application and of which many are unaware of its existence. In both cases, everything is very easy to achieve and, also, you will not put in any danger to the accessory you have at home.

Options to customize the sound of the Google Nest

We go on to indicate Step by Step what you have to do to make the most appropriate use of the sound you enjoy when using a smart Google accessory, either to listen to music or to know what the assistant that is integrated inside answers. They are the following:

Adjust the volume on your Google Nest

Doing this with the voice is the most easy in the world, since the assistant can do this if you ask it with the command that you have established followed with lower or raise the volume. But what if you’re in another room or even away from home? You can do this in the following way:

  • Open the Google Home application, which is the one that allows you to manage everything that has to do with Nest accessories.
  • Now, on each speaker card, if it’s playing sounds, you can flick to adjust the volume. And, you can do this regardless of where you are as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Besides, if you click on the device in question, you access a screen where you will see a circular slider that is used to do the same, but in a more precise way.
  • Once you set the desired confirmation, you can close the app because you are done.
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Make use of the integrated equalizer

  • Go to the Google Home app and on the home screen to choose the smart speaker or display you want to set up.
  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner that allows you to access Settings and, there, select the Equalizer option.
  • Now you can customize the sound of the bass and treble.
  • You can repeat this process for each of the Google Nest devices you have in your home. And, in this way, you have finished everything.