How to configure the option to make payments on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5

If you are one of those who have a new Samsung Galaxy Watch5 you may not get the most out of it yet. The number of options it includes, especially now that it includes Google’s Wear OS operating system, can mean that some of the interesting ones you don’t use. An example is the possibility of making mobile payments with the wearable. We show you how to set it up so you can do this.

The smart watch includes all the necessary hardware to be able to put your wrist close to a dataphone in stores and make the corresponding payment if you give permission. An example of what we say is that it does not lack a chip NFCessential to achieve this goal. Therefore, it is simply a matter of proceeding with the setting corresponding in the Samsung smartwatch, something that is completed in just five minutes -at most-.

Activate mobile payment on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5

It is important to know that, right now, this accessory allows you to use two platforms to make payments without having to take your credit card out of your pocket (or your smartphone either). One is Google Wallet, but right now the easiest, most comfortable and reliable option is SamsungPay in our opinion -which offers a large number of support banks, so it will be difficult for you to have problems for this reason-. What you have to do to activate is the following:

  • Turn on the smart watch in case it is off. Now, what you have to do is continuously press the button called Back that the device has.
  • Doing this launches the Samsung Pay payment app. Now you will see a small explanation of what can be done with this app. When you see a blue button labeled Get started with Samsung Pay, use it.
  • One of the things you have to do now is access your smartphone, since the following steps will be given here. Among them is that you give permission to the WarchPluging gateway application so that the synchronization can be carried out. And then you must start the Samsung account you have or register one.
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  • You will now have to add a card to use, which must be yours from the bank by scanning it. Once this is done, you must activate a screen lock option that is used as confirmation of the payments you will make.
  • Now you jump to the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 again to import the information, which you must verify and accept if it is correct.
  • You’re done and you can pay with your smartwatch almost anywhere.

As you have seen, fast and very simple the power take advantage of the payment function offered by the new Samsung smart watch that, without a doubt, is one of the best on the market. And, in addition, it has a price that is not crazy considering what others like Google offer or are going to offer.