How to configure the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor to know the air quality in your home

How to configure the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor to know the air quality in your home
how to configure the amazon smart air quality monitor to

Now that we are in allergy season, it is not a bad idea to be clear if the air quality you have at home is good enough so that you do not have problems in this regard. Luckily, there are accessories that allow you to know this, such as the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitorwhich works in combination with the Alexa assistant.

This small white device is capable of detecting and knowing different values that are typical of air quality, such as suspended particles (PM 2.5); volatile organic compounds (VOCs); carbon monoxide (CO); humidity; and also the temperature. It even has a small LED on the front that changes color depending on the air quality, once the information is parameterized and a fairly accurate diagnosis can be made. Therefore, it is a good option to take maximum care of your health and we will tell you how install it in the Alexa app and that it is combined with the well-known Amazon voice assistant.

This is how you install this Amazon accessory in the Alexa application

Like all accessories that belong to the Amazon ecosystem, simplicity is the predominant note and, in less than five minutes, you have everything perfectly configured to be able to know the quality of the air and establish options that are as striking as they are received notifications on smart speakers at home to find out if there is a problem. These are the steps you have to take:

  • Connect to the current, with cable B included with the product, the accessory we are talking about. By doing this you will see the front LED blink. Now wait until it sticks.
  • Now go to the phone and open the Alexa app as usual. Click on the icon called Devices in the lower area and wait a few seconds. You will see a pop-up window appear indicating that the product has been detected and that you can configure it. Click Continue to start the process.
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  • Look for the code in the Amazon Smart Air manual (next to the drawing of a key) and scan it with the mobile camera by clicking on Scan Barcode. When it is recognized, the synchronization is carried out automatically, it may take a while, be patient.
  • Click on the Next button and you must indicate the place where you will place it in the areas of the house. Now use Continue at the bottom of the screen.

The accessory is calibrated – this is very quick – and, once this is done, you will have finished and you can review the information in the Alexa application as many times as you need.

Something important that you should know about this accessory is what each of the colors that the LED in its upper area can show means. They are the following:

  • Green: air quality is good
  • Yellow: air quality is moderate
  • Red: air quality is bad
  • Blue: configuration status
  • Violet: connectivity problems with the wireless network