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How to completely delete your Netflix account once you’ve canceled it

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It may be that you want to break all kinds of bonding with Netflix if you decide that you are no longer interested in enjoying their series and movies. To achieve this you must delete your account from the company’s servers, something that is not done by canceling a subscription. We tell you what you have to do to achieve it.

The initial step to ditching Netflix is Cancel the subscription you have. By doing this, the firm stops charging the corresponding monthly fee, which is what allows you to have access to its database (but you will be able to enter the account). Therefore, the information what does the company have doesn’t go away and can use it as usual – or retrieve it for you if you activate again. But, perhaps, you do not want this to be like this and for everything to disappear.

To get this, what you have to do is remove completely the account you used on Netflix, which will cause any data what about you disappear. In addition, you will also avoid receiving notifications by email from the platform. Of course, you must be clear that, if you return, you will have to start from scratch -something that can affect the recommendations you receive in the application-.

This is how you completely delete your Netflix account

If you want to delete your Netflix account now, and not wait for the ten months that have to pass for Netflix to do this by default, you should know that there is no space in the application or in the web client that allows you to achieve this. Therefore, it is necessary to be much more concrete and specific… apart from having the needed information to complete the process.

Once you have canceled the subscription, which is the necessary initial step, what you must do is write an email to the following address: [email protected] It is very important that the shipment is made from the account you used to register, because if this is not the case, the company will not respond to the claim you plan to make.

Now, in the subject, you have to put the following: Account deletion request, and in the text explain what you are claiming, also indicating your personal data with the DNI number. You must clearly state that you want the account associated with the email to be removed and that, in addition, you want all the data that is yours.

Is the deletion automatic?

The answer is clear: no. It is possible that until the end of the current billing period, even if you are not active in the payment, the account will not be deleted. Therefore, it may be late some days to make your claim effective. The fact is that this way that we have explained is the only one that exists to delete a Netflix account quickly.

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