How to combine videos, images and GIFs in a single tweet

The Twitter team announced a new dynamic when it comes to sharing multimedia content in a tweet, which will give users more possibilities.

After several months of testing, Twitter now allows users to post different multimedia content in the same tweet.

Twitter already allows you to combine different multimedia content in a tweet

Until now, Twitter it only allows you to share only one type of media content in a tweet. While you can post photos, videos, or GIFs, Twitter doesn’t allow you to combine them all into one tweet.

A dynamic that changes with the latest update, since it opens the possibility of using the “Mixed Media” to select the content that we want to publish in a tweet. Yes, you will be able to post GIFs, videos and images in a single tweet without any problems.

You can see an example in this tweet he shares Jake Chamseddine either Lebron James. You will see that in the Twitter timeline all the content they share is presented in a grid, and if you open the viewer you will be able to see the video and the image.

To test this new dynamic, you only need to select the “Multimedia content” or “GIF” options, when you are about to write a tweet, to choose the content you want to publish. Of course, this new dynamic has a limit on the amount of content you can upload per tweet.

As the Twitter team mentions, you can add up to 4 photos, videos or GIFs per tweet. That is, you can share up to 4 items at a time. And of course, you can combine this content to post it any way you want.

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This new feature is now available in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. So if you want to create this type of tweet, with combined multimedia content, you will have to resort to mobile. And of course, the content of these tweets can be seen on any platform.