How to clear WhatsApp cache

To always have the maximum performance of WhatsApp on your cell phone, here we show you how to clean the cache and free up space.

How to clear WhatsApp cache
How to clean the WhatsApp cache. / Photo: Writing

If you love to be in contact with your friends and colleagues through WhatsApp, surely you share dozens of messages and files a day; But if you suddenly notice that the app does not have the same performance and speed when downloading photos or videos, we have the solution for you here. We will show you how to clear WhatsApp cache for free up space on your cell phone.

How to clear WhatsApp cache

How to clean or clear WhatsApp cache?

When we talk about cache we refer to space where your apps store temporary data and it is very useful when we want to free up space on our cell phone.

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It is very important that you consider the difference between ‘Clear cache’ and ‘delete data’; the first one as we already mentioned is for temporary data. However, the second refers to permanently deleting all application data, accounts, files, databases and settings; as if you just installed the app.

Now that you know the difference, here we explain the ways to clear the cache:


    • Enter the System settings.
    • Choose the option Applications.
    • Search the list and select WhatsApp.
    • Go to option Storage.
    • Now you just have to press the button Empty Cache memory.
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How to clear WhatsApp cache
How to clean the cache of WhatsApp on Android. / Photo: Writing

It will be so easy to empty the space occupied by the WhatsApp cache temporary files and you will see that the app works correctly again.

On iPhone

Unlike Android, on devices iOs it is not possible to empty the WhatsApp cache. If you enter Adjustments from the app then to Data and storage, you will see at the end the options of Data Use and Storage Use, but there is no option to Clear cache.

So if you want to free up space, the only option is Manage files sent and received chat by chat from Storage Use.

How to clear WhatsApp cache
How to clean the cache of WhatsApp on iPhone? / Photo: Drafting

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