How to check payment history on Twitch

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Twitch, one of the most used online game streaming platforms in the world, allows its users to donate small (or large) amounts of money to content creators and gamers who feel they deserve such a reward. But sometimes gratitude or fun can lead to excessive generosity if you don’t know how to control these payments.

Twitch allows you to pay tips and subscribe to the channels of gamers content creators

To do this, in addition to checking paid subscriptions, Twitch has a tool that allows check payment history made. With this, unpleasant surprises can be avoided at the end of the month, when the charge with the total amount corresponding to said tips arrives on the card.

It should be clarified that this verification can only be carried out from the website, where all the information appears in full. Only information about active subscriptions is provided in the Twitch app.

The procedure to follow is this:

-To access to the Twitch website.

-Start login with the user account.

-Press on the user profile icon at the top right.

-To deploy account options.

-To select the Portfolio option.

-To open “Payment history”

In that section you can check all the information about the expenses that have been made from this platform. The main screen shows the active balance and in “Payment History” you can see a list with all the payments that have been made in the two modalities: subscriptions and donations.

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The information contained is complete, so payments made within the Prime Gaming option are also included, a subscription modality that is not automatically renewed and is linked to the Amazon Prime payment service account.

Once the payment history has been verified, the user can better manage their spending on Twitch and check if they want to cancel a subscription or make another donation.