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How to charge your Apple AirPods Pro, several ways to do it

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In case you have an iPhone mobile, Do you know that the main headphone option out there is AirPods Pro for listening to music? and content of the best possible quality. And speaking of these headphones, the latest generation of the AirPods Pro has just under six hours of battery life, this with ANC activated.

The charging case too provides another 24 hours of listening time but what are the ways available to charge them when they run out of battery? An interesting question that we will answer below.

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Well, like Apple’s AirPods Pro they will turn off and charge automatically when they are inside their respective case with the lid closed. That being said, you just have to put the headphones inside the case and close the lid. After that, when the AirPods are fully charged, the outer light will change from red to green.

Now, since the AirPods case provides power to charge your AirPods, you’ll need to charge the case as well, either via cable or wirelessly. You can even do this with the headphones inside, although yes, with the lid closed.

Charge the case with your cable

To charge the case with your cable, you must connect the AirPods case to an outlet with a Lightning to USB cable and a compatible power adapter connected to the plug.

Charge the case wirelessly

If you want to charge the AirPods case wirelessly, you must place the AirPods case with the status light facing up in the center of a MagSafe wireless charger. You can also use Qi-certified chargers or an Apple Watch charging dock.

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Finally, you will know which case is charging correctly when the status light comes on for a few seconds and then goes off while charging continues. Similarly, you can check the charging status of AirPods with the Batteries widget on your iPhone.

Can AirPods Pro be charged without a case?

Unfortunately, as of today, it is not possible to charge Apple AirPods without a case, so in that case you will have to buy a new Apple case or a new pair of headphones that work than different charging methods.

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