How to change the region you use in the Amazon app using your phone


At some point you may need to access an Amazon store that does not correspond to the country you are in. And, possibly, you don’t know how to do this. We are going to explain how to get it easily from your mobile phone and, what is more important, without any risk to your account in the well-known online store. Having to do this may be necessary for a number of reasons. An example is that you want to get something that does not exist in the specific region of your smartphone, such as an application (without going any further, the HBO Max for Fire TV is a clear example of what we say). Also, being able to make a purchase of something that is not available in your country can be something that makes you decide to make the change (which is associated with the language itself, you must be clear about this). This is how you make the change from the Amazon application. To show the steps that have to be taken, we have taken the Android operating system as an example, but they do not vary practically at all with respect to those of iOS, so if you have an iPhone you will not doubt in the signature in which the change of country and language is executed. This is what you have to do from the device where you use the app from the most famous online store in the world: Open the Amazon application as usual and, once you are on the main screen, click on the icon that There is in the lower right area that has three horizontal lines. Scroll to the bottom of the new section that you see on the screen and, there, you will see a section called Country and language (usually you have Spain selected). Click on it. You will see two dropdowns to choose the location you want to use and also the language. In each case, review the options that the application has and choose the one that suits your needs. Confirm in each case and then, it is recommended that you restart the application for the changes to take effect. Thus, you have finished making the modifications in the Amazon app. Something that you must be very clear about is that the entire previous process is reversible. Therefore, once you finish you can restore the region of usual use of the Amazon application. In this way, the change can be specific, which, in most cases, is what is needed. And, as you have seen, there is nothing complicated in the steps that have to be taken. >

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