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How to change the owner data of a computer in Windows 11

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It is a reality that Windows 11, nor any previous version, gives great importance to the data of the owner of the operating system. And, by extension, the computer. But, in reality, this can have its weight if it is used for work because some privileges on the servers depend on this data. We tell you how to check and change this information easily. This may even need to be done if you have bought the computer from someone else or intend to sell the one you are using. Be that as it may, you should know that carrying out the process we are talking about is something that is not dangerous, but that requires significant attention because you have to use a tool that exists in the Windows 11 operating system: the editor of the record. Don’t be scared, it’s nothing typical of NASA engineers. Steps to change the owner in Windows 11 This is all you are going to have to do to change the information, which, to be sure, could well be in a more accessible place in the Microsoft operating system (bearing in mind that, in the installation process, just ask for a username and organization name). The fact is that these are the indications that you have to follow to execute the process safely -but it is advisable to make a backup copy of the registry before doing anything-: Press the Win + R keys in combination to now write regedit in the search box that appears in the lower left area. A window appears that is the registry editor and, now, in the upper area, you will see that there is a path, remove the current one and copy and paste this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Windows NT\CurrentVersion. Look on the left side for a folder called RegisteredOwner. Double-click on it with your mouse and you can now type the owner’s name in Valuable Information. You accept. If you don’t see the folder, you can create it by hand using the Edit menu, and then use New and String Value. The next thing to do is the same for the string named RegisteredOrganization. Once you do this, you are done and you already have the perfectly updated information. Of course, you can change the data as many times as you need, such as if a child inherits a parent’s computer. The fact is that this option is available in Windows 11, but its management is not the most intuitive of all those offered by Microsoft development. >

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