How to change the color of your WhatsApp with these tricks

how to change the color of your whatsapp with these.webp.webp.webp
how to change the color of your whatsapp with these.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp has always been green, although the latest redesign of its interface has made it look quite pale. If you are bored with the usual colors, we give you options so that change the color of WhatsApp.

Best of all, we’ll stick to the options with the official applicationwithout using some highly recommended WhatsApp MODs that put your account in danger, giving you different options with different levels of difficulty.

WhatsApp in light or dark


Before getting into more bizarre aspects, we cannot ignore the fact that WhatsApp includes two standard themes: the light theme and the dark theme. They are normally synchronized with the theme you use on your mobile, although you are free to choose your preferred theme independently.

For change your WhatsApp to the light or dark themeyou need to go to the WhatsApp settings and enter the section Chats. In it, you will see the option Issue. Tap on it and choose from the list Dark or Light, as you prefer. If you want it to change at the same time as the system, choose System Default.

Different background colors


Another option you have to dress WhatsApp in other colors is modify the background color of chats. After all, the chat is what takes up the vast majority of the WhatsApp interface, so by changing this color, you can radically alter the appearance of WhatsApp with a very easy process.

You have several options to do so. If you want all chats have the same background coloryou must go to WhatsApp settings and enter Chats > Wallpaperand then press Changewalk into Solid colors and choose your favorite color to set as background.

If what you want is change the background color of some chats and not all of them, then you need to open that specific chat, tap on the menu button ⋮ and Wallpaper.

Change the color of the WhatsApp icon


While we wait for WhatsApp to give us an official option to change the icon color, as was leaked a long time ago, the next best thing you can do is set a custom icon for WhatsApp in your launcher.

For change the WhatsApp icon You have several options on Android: use an icon pack and a launcher or layer that supports them, use your own image in a launcher that allows you to modify the shortcuts (like Nova Launcher), or use an app like Pure Icon Changer to create a direct shortcut to WhatsApp with your custom icon.

Change WhatsApp colors with root


This last option is the most radical and in some ways not so recommended, as it has advanced technical requirements that are not available to everyone: you need the phone to have Magiskfor which you will normally also need to have root.

Wa Tweaker is an application specialized in activating hidden functions and modifying WhatsApp, with which you can modify the colors of the application. This modification requires you to have active WA Tweaker Xposed module to run. One way to do this with Magisk is with LSPosed. If you meet all the prerequisites, the specific option is Enable the overlay color option and then choose a color in Color overlay.


The result is something radical and not very pretty, but it works. If you don’t already have the phone with root and Magisk, It’s not something we highly recommend. just for this, but if you already have everything prepared, it is another way at your disposal to change the appearance of WhatsApp.

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