How to change iPhone passcode


If you suspect that your smartphone has been scrutinized, the best thing you can do is change the access code to clear up any doubt. This will prevent anyone who has guessed the previous password from accessing your phone again and obtaining relevant information.

If a third party knows the phone’s PIN, the solution is very easy, just generate a new password to end the problem.

On iPhone, changing the password is a simple procedure, as long as the mobile is not locked (if it is, remember how to unlock your iPhone). That is why in this article you will find the steps you must follow to choose a secure password to enter the phone system. Here we will tell you what to do.

Guide to change iPhone passcode

– The first thing you have to do is enter the iPhone “Settings” app. Then, head over to “Face ID & Passcode”. If the mobile does not have Face ID, go to “Touch ID & Passcode”.

– Enter your current access code.

– Lower the cursor and click on the option “Change access code”.

– Attach the password you used previously.

– In this section, the phone will ask you to produce a six-digit password. You can change this, for example, if you want a four-number password or an alphanumeric pattern, enter “Passcode Options”.

– Choose the option you prefer from the list that will be displayed on the screen.

– Now, enter the new password. In the next window, enter the same code again to confirm that the data is correct.

– Wait a few seconds for the system to validate the password change and that will be it.

Now your iPhone will be more secure, if you thought that someone was spying on your mobile, you can rest easy because they will not enter the phone again thanks to changing the password.

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