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How to change in the Firefox browser where downloads are saved

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One of the best browsers out there today is firefox. It is true that Microsoft’s Edge makes things more and more difficult for it to be the most interesting option against Chrome, but it maintains a fairly respectable market share. If you are one of those who use it and don’t know how to change the download folder that it uses by default, we will tell you how to do it. The process is simple, and in just a few minutes you achieve the desired goal, which allows you to customize the use of the Mozilla browser much more. You are not going to put anything at risk and, therefore, you should not be afraid that a problem will occur in Firefox by changing this setting – much less, that its operation or the downloads you make from the Internet will slow down. Consequently, you can do this with complete confidence. Steps to download wherever you want with Firefox Basically, what you will do is tell the browser to use the default folder in which you want everything you get from the cloud to be saved, from a PDF document to an image. In this way, if you go quickly and accept everything that appears in a process, you will know exactly where to look for what you have downloaded. This is what you have to do in the Firefox settings: Open the browser as usual, and then go to Settings (to do this, click on the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right). a new screen in which you have to look on the left for an option called General. When you confirm that you are in it, this is by default, scroll down until you locate the section called Files and applications. Here you will see that there is a place called Save files to. Next to it there is a button that you have to press and, now, find the folder in which you want everything you download to be saved by default. There is another one called Always ask where to save files, this allows you to customize this option every time you download something. Once this is done, you are finished and you have everything exactly how you want it. As you have seen, everything is very simple and safe. Obviously, if at any time you want to revert the configuration that you have changed, you can do it in a simple way by following the steps that you have seen before. A good way to have everything perfectly controlled when you use the complete Firefox browser. >

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