How to cancel a card that we have stored in the ‘wallet’ of the iPhone (or iPad)

Although we have already been digitizing our payments for some years thanks to the contactless capabilities of our smartphones, it was not until the arrival of the pandemic and the (not total) elimination of cash as a payment method that the population segments most reluctant to this change they have had no choice but to adopt it. Now it is normal to see men and women of a certain age bringing their mobile phones to the POS terminal with absolute normality. The problem is that over the years the cards expire or, in the least of the cases, we change banks and we have to cancel all those of the previous entity, so we have to clean the wallet of iOS so that they do not accumulate and that ends up being a little mess. So we are going to cancel a card that we are not going to use anymore. Easy and without many complications As you know, bank cards are stored within the “Wallet” application, which, to be honest, is a bit confusing because they are practically at the same level as movie tickets, plane or train tickets, etc. But hey, while they change it, it is what it is. So now we go to the “Settings” of the iPhone and look for access to that iOS wallet: “Wallet and Apple Pay”. Once inside you will see all the cards that you have registered so we click on the one that is going to be sacrificed. It will take us to another screen with the details of that card. As we do not want to know anything about numbering or associated account, we go down completely and indicate “Delete this card”. After a confirmation dialog we accept and you will see that it automatically disappears from the list of active payment methods on the iPhone. Now, is everything done? Almost yes but no, a simple verification step is missing. And it is that when we cancel a card, Apple Pay communicates it to the issuing entity so we will have the certainty that the process has concluded at the moment in which our bank sends us an SMS informing us that, indeed, already is discharged. The message that will come to you could be like this: “Your XXXX card has been canceled at the request of Apple Pay.” If you want to verify it before anyway, you can always access the official app of your entity and see that that reference to the Apple payment system has already disappeared.