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How to block spam messages on an Android mobile

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android offers many customization options that are useful, among others, features that will allow you to eliminate everything that bothers you. The operating system makes it possible to block advertising on the phone, you can also prevent calls and more. You may not have known this, but Android also has the ability to block spam messages on the smartphone, something that will be very helpful.

Blocking unwanted text messages will keep scammers at bay.

You can also do it through an external and official service such as the Robinson List, but if you want to use this Android function and stop spam messages from being a problem, you only have to follow the instructions that we will give in this tutorial. You will get rid of this inconvenience completely and your mobile will be much safer. Let us begin!

Eliminate spam on Android

The first thing you need to know is that if you get a suspicious text message, don’t reply to it. If you reply, you will confirm to the scammer that the number is yours and they will attack you with more spam messages in the future.

– Enter the Google messaging app and click on the three vertical points that are in the upper right corner.

– Now, click on “Spam protection”.

– Enable “Turn on spam protection”.

Block specific numbers

This procedure is perfect for creating a filter that can block spam messages.

– Open the text message with the spam and select the icon of the three vertical dots.

– Choose “Block number”.

– That will be all, this method will prevent you from receiving messages from a particular contact.

Report spam messages

– Enter the text with the spam and long press the message to enable the menu. Be very careful not to touch any links that are embedded in the SMS.

– Click on “Copy”.

– Go back to the inbox and open a new text message by pressing the “+” button. Paste the message and set the recipient’s number to make the report. Said recipient will vary depending on the country and operator you use, to know the contact number, it will be enough to contact your operator.

– Choose «Send» so that the information is sent and the network or your operator can block future fraudulent SMS.

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