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How to blank your name on WhatsApp and make your profile anonymous to strangers

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WhatsApp, like other similar messaging apps, has a problem in limiting who is able to contact you, a problem that also drags the fact that anyone can see your profile on that network. It is enough to know your phone number, something that can even be hit randomly, to be able to see the info on your profile.

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That said, we leave you a tutorial below so that you can hide your information from any contact outside of you, even if that means hiding this information even from your own contacts. Is about a trick to be able to put your name in white, that no name appears in your username, something that WhatsApp does not allow by default but that can be “bypassed” with a trick.

How to put your WhatsApp name blank

WhatsApp does not let you advance in the configuration of the application at the moment you install it if you do not put a name to display, it is a fact. What it doesn’t let you erase the name either that you indicate later and leave a blank space, an action that causes an immediate warning from the app that tells you to put a name. Although it is invented, but that you put it.

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This name is the one that all those users who can access your profile will see, so you may want to remain anonymous and simply leave the name blank so that no one knows more about you than you would like them to. But there is a trick, one that uses Unicode characters and that is quite simple since it consists of copying and pasting. Nothing more than that: copy then paste.

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To perform the following trick, it will be enough for us to access this website, Compart, directly to the page of the Unicode character U + 2800 and let’s copy it to the clipboard of our phone. Once this is done, it will be enough to go to the settings of our profile in WhatsApp and paste it in place of our current name. WhatsApp will accept the character, which will be shown as a blank space, and we will have more anonymity.


If this little tutorial is combined with a blank photo conveniently uploaded to WhatsApp In order for it to become our avatar, we will have a completely anonymous WhatsApp public profile that will not provide information to those who access it from anywhere in the world. As we have said, copy and paste. We leave you the steps below.

  • We access Compart.
  • We copy the Unicode character U + 2800 to the phone clipboard. You know, long press on the character and “Copy” when it is selected.
  • Then we go to WhatsApp and go to the ‘Settings ”.
  • Once inside, click on the upper part to access the data from our profile.
  • We modify the name to paste the previously selected character (long press, paste).
  • Y we save the changes. Ready, our profile is anonymous.

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