How to avoid being scammed when purchasing AI-generated products

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how to avoid being scammed when purchasing ai generated products.jpg

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Have you ever doubted the image of a product that doesn’t exactly match what you are buying? Sometimes, you have to be very careful when purchasing an item online, since its image can having been generated by artificial intelligence and the final result is not what it really looked like in its preview. In order to avoid this type of scam, there are techniques that you should know to know that it is very easy to create the image of a completely fake product through AI and you have to make sure that what you buy matches the information on the item. in question.

The generation of images using artificial intelligence is one of the revolutions of the year, which can provide excellent results for proper use. However, not everything that glitters is gold and this type of technology It is used by groups of scammers to profit from it. In general, these individuals take advantage of the creation of images of products that do not actually exist, with the main objective that the consumer falls into the trap and receives a completely different item or, in more extreme situations, does not receive anything at all.

To do this, hackers use e-commerce as a center of operations to commit their cybercrimes and set up stores that, apparently, appear completely legal and legitimate. But one of the big problems when buying online is that the user trusts despite not being able to test the product on site and not having it at your fingertips as would happen in a physical store.

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E-commerce and AI as avenues for scam

Nowadays, we make continuous purchases through the Internet, since it is a more convenient way to purchase products than obtaining them physically. But it is also one of the dangers of the 21st century, since we are exposed to those products not appearing what they are when we receive them, thus becoming victims of scams. In fact, anyone can sell productswhether through Wallapop, eBay, or any other second-hand online store, and it may be an item that does not match the description or, directly, be generated by AI.

In this context, AI is one of the tools that makes this product sham is becoming more and more frequentsince it is a very easy technology to use and it is very likely that you will be surprised by the number of things that can be designed.

Creating photorealistic images

So that you can see how easy it can be to manage an AI, we are going to use the free platform as an example. wepik, an artificial intelligence that generates images from text, so that you write what you want to create and it will generate it in the blink of an eye. We are going to ask you to create an image from a camera and… voilà! We already have our image of a completely invented professional photo camera.

AI photo camera fake products scam

It doesn’t matter which AI program you use, because you will get the same result. Another one that is often used a lot is DALL-E, although right now it can only be used with ChatGPT 4, through a paid subscription.

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How to avoid being scammed with AI products

To be wary of some of the products that may seem fake when purchasing them, we detail a series of tips that must be taken into account to take all possible precautions:

  • Make purchases on platforms that are accredited official company policieslike Amazon.
  • Do not buy in online stores where the only payment to be made is by Bank transferit is a guaranteed scam.
  • Search analysis and reviews of the product to make sure it really exists.
  • If he article design is too sophisticated or bizarre, avoid purchasing it.
  • There is no product video and that may mean that it is not the same one they are selling.

As you can see, there are some techniques to avoid scammers, although they are not always effective because AI is evolving by leaps and bounds and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify it. However, you must keep these factors in mind to decide whether or not to purchase a product.