How to avoid being affected by the blue light of the monitor on Windows computers


You may find that if you use the computer before going to bed, it is quite difficult for you to fall asleep quickly. This, among other things, is due to the action of blue light, which has a negative effect because it prevents you from reaching an important point of relaxation in a short period of sleep. If you want to avoid this on your Windows computer, we show you how to achieve it in a simple way. For some time now, Microsoft has included among its operating system options detecting if it is night time and, if this is the case, reducing the impact that the brightness of the monitors has on users (and more specifically blue light). So, there is a tool available to make you sleep better in Windows, but you may not know how to activate it. And, that, is just what we are going to tell you how to achieve it. This is how you reduce blue light on Windows computers It is possible to do this with both Windows 11 and Windows 10, so if you have either of these two versions of the Redmond company’s operating system, you can reduce the impact of blue light when using the computer -both desktop and laptop-. This is what you have to do in each case: Windows 11 Open the Microsoft development settings in the usual way, such as using the Windows + AI key combination, then on the right side, select System and then the option Screen that is in the right area. This will open all the configuration options for this hardware. Among the first options you will see is Night Light (in the Brightness and Color section). What you have to do is activate the slider on the right side and, ready, when it is detected that it is at night, the use of blue light will be reduced to the maximum possible. You have advanced options that allow you to establish the operating hours or the force with which the filter acts. Once this is done, you are finished. Windows 10 Open the configuration of the operating system of the firm in which you usually do it and, then, enter the Screen section that is in System. You will see that there is a section called Night Light that you must activate by using the slider that is just below .When doing this, a series of options appear that allow you to configure the configuration of its operation. Select what suits your needs. Thus, in this simple way, you will have finished. >

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