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How to allow access to a Google Drive document to other users

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Google Drive is a service that, originally, is available to be used only by the owner of the account. However, this does not mean that other people cannot get an access to enter in any of your files.

In fact, it is possible that third-party users can access documents from your personal Drive, as long as you authorize this action, Of course.

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Within the wide range of possibilities that Google Drive presents, there is the option that you can share a document or a file from your account with the people you want, either so that they can only read the material or even edit it.

For this to happen you must follow a short series of steps, which are quite simple and after performing the procedure, you will be able to decide if you want to share the file you want with specific people or also make it public, in case you want to share it on social networks and make it freely accessible.

Has everything that we have previously commented been clear? well now Let’s go directly to those steps, so pay attention and take note:

To allow people access to your Google Drive files from a computer

This is the window you will be shown to allow other people access to your Drive file

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– Sign in to your Google Drive account.
– In the panel on the left, click on the tab of My unit. Once inside, you will be able to see all the documents and folders that you have inside Drive.
– Find the folder or document to which you want to allow access to other users. Keep in mind that you can only share documents that are yours, but not those that have been created by another person.
– Right click on it and click on Share.
– On the bar that indicates Add people and groupswrite the email of everyone you want to grant access to.
– Indicate what type of access you want to give the person (read or edit) and press Enter.
– In the event that you want your file to be shared through a link and that it be publicly accessible, click on the button copy linkwhich is inside the small bottom window of get link.

To configure the role that users will have with your file, once you have added the person you are interested in, click on the gray button that appears right next to the user’s name and define if you want it to be Reader, Commenter or Editor. In addition to this, you can even transfer ownership of the file or remove such access from that person.

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